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Le Pimpiolet à Saint-Julien-Mont-Denis heures d'ouverture

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Le Pimpiolet avec les horaires d'ouverture. Quand le Le Pimpiolet est-il ouvert ? Vous pouvez voir ici si le restaurant est ouvert maintenant.

Ouvert aujourd'hui ? Vérifie les heures d'ouverture de Le Pimpiolet, quand le Local ouvre ou ferme. Ou vérifie les Local à proximité qui sont encore ouverts. Note aussi les éventuels changements d'heures d'ouverture dus à la pandémie. Ceux-ci peuvent ne pas être à jour sur d'autres sites Web, il est donc recommandé d'appeler le restaurant peu avant si nécessaire pour savoir quelles sont les heures d'ouverture actuelles. Le numéro de téléphone où tu peux demander les heures d'ouverture se trouve ici !.

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  • Address: Saint-Julien-Mont-Denis, 482 route de Serpoliere, 73870 Saint-Julien-Mont-Denis, France
  • Phone: +33479596748


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When travelling you may find yourself unhappy (looking for hours for a nice place) and sometimes you may find yourself extremely happy.So it happened to us last Sunday: we were driving, it was already 13:00, we left the main road in St. Julien Mont Denis, could not find anything in the centre, then eventually saw the sign for Le Pimpiolet. We followed the road for two km, becoming more and more suspicious.We parked the car, still being suspicious what will await us. Then we entered the restaurant. They had a table free, they had one fixed menu with 2-3 choices each. Everything was even glutenfree by default, so my partner was extremely happy.We enjoyed a mixed plate of several small starters, then had either canard or pork fillet in rice flower crust; absolutely tender and tasty. The dessert, like the starter, was a mixture of warm, lukewarm, cold and ice-cold small dishes. Everything seemed to be made with love and detail. Really great!

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Every thing served , from the starter to the deserts where just so original and tasty. Service was worm ,personal and professional. Strongly recommended!!!