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Chez Richard avec les horaires d'ouverture. Quand le Chez Richard est-il ouvert ? Vous pouvez voir ici si le restaurant est ouvert maintenant.

Ouvert aujourd'hui ? Vérifie les heures d'ouverture de Chez Richard, quand le Auberge ouvre ou ferme. Ou vérifie les Auberge à proximité qui sont encore ouverts. Note aussi les éventuels changements d'heures d'ouverture dus à la pandémie. Ceux-ci peuvent ne pas être à jour sur d'autres sites Web, il est donc recommandé d'appeler le restaurant peu avant si nécessaire pour savoir s'il est déjà ouvert. Le numéro de téléphone où tu peux demander les heures d'ouverture se trouve ici !.

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  • Address: Lyon 7e Arrondissement, 3 avenue Berthelot, 69007, Lyon, France
  • Phone: +33478720066


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We found the restaurant as we were heading out of the Resistance Museum otherwise, I do not not think it would be on a tourist's radar. It caters to locals and was very popular. We arrived for a late lunch and felt fortunate that we could get one of the few tables in this cozy, small restaurant. No English menus (a good sign) but our waiter spoke perfect English. We opted for the 17.5 Euro menu which included a soup, plat du jour and dessert. The soup was the most delicious cream of mushroom soup we have ever tasted. It was so chock full of mushrooms you could almost eat it with a fork. There were a fish and a beef option for the entree. We ordered the fish but was disappointed that the waiter came back a few minutes later and said they were out. We were not surprised as it sounded as if it was wonderful! We did not want beef, so the chef was kind enough to offer to substitute salmon. Unfortunately, I don't think the smoked salmon that was delivered went well with the rest of the plate, as a whole. Each individual item was very good, and they were trying to please us so we did not say anything. I chose the lemon tart and my husband had the warm molten chocolate cake - - both fabulous! I would encourage you to try this little friendly restaurant, but do it early before they run out of the specials.

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We had the €17 lunch option which was explained to us patiently by our waiter(Richard?). We had an entree of artichokes with salad and cheese, mains of duck and fish and desserts, lemon/lime tart and chocolate fondant. All were delicious and very generous portion sizes. This is a narrow restaurant with seating also in a small courtyard at the back. The service is efficient and very friendly, the value is excellent and above all, every dish was delicious. We rounded the meal out with a carafe of very pleasant white wine and a couple of coffees.