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Le Balto avec les horaires d'ouverture. Quand le Le Balto est-il ouvert ? Vous pouvez voir ici si le restaurant est ouvert maintenant.

Nous sommes heureux d'être ouverts pour toi. Tu trouveras nos heures d'ouverture actuelles dans le tableau. Ne reste plus jamais devant des portes fermées ! Vérifie simplement à l'avance si nous sommes encore ouverts. Car rien n'est pire que de chercher une place de parking, puis de marcher jusqu'au restaurant pour découvrir que le restaurant n'est pas encore ouvert. Vérifie simplement en ligne si Le Balto est encore ouvert.

Il suffit d'appeler le restaurant sur (+33)321071369 pour demander les horaires d'ouverture ou les jours fériés fermés. Réserve aussi une table pour toi.

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  • Address: 26 rue de la Gare, 62300, Lens, France
  • Phone: +33321071369


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We called at the cafe for breakfast, it was a lovely sunny morning and we were able to sit outside. At first we felt a little out our comfort zone because we couldn't speak good french and the staff didn't want to know. At the till I ordered coffee and croissants for the family, they ended up just serving one coffee and I requested more. The till lady obviously wasn't best pleased with me shaking her head and letting onto another customer her disappointment in serving me; oh well I got over that!The coffee was gorgeous, and the croissants were not half bad either. We stayed and had a relaxed breakfast without much fuss after the initial mix up over the amount of drinks I had ordered. When I asked for the bill I noticed it included a few extra euros on something I didn't order, but the overall cost wasn't anything to grumble about. Instead of explaining the bill mix up too I opted to pay the full amount with no tip. I think I got a hint of a smile off the till lady when I paid and off we went.