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Le Machin Vert avec les horaires d'ouverture. Quand le Le Machin Vert est-il ouvert ? Vous pouvez voir ici si le restaurant est ouvert maintenant.

Ouvert aujourd'hui ? Vérifie les heures d'ouverture de Le Machin Vert, quand le Taverne ouvre ou ferme. Ou vérifie les Taverne à proximité qui sont encore ouverts. Note aussi les éventuels changements d'heures d'ouverture dus à la pandémie. Ceux-ci peuvent ne pas être à jour sur d'autres sites Web, il est donc recommandé d'appeler le restaurant peu avant si nécessaire pour savoir quand il est ouvert. Le numéro de téléphone où tu peux demander les heures d'ouverture se trouve ici !.

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  • Address: Lège-Cap-Ferret, route Forestiere du Truc Vert, 33950, Lege-Cap-Ferret, France
  • Phone: +33557707542


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What an horrible time we had. It started as a pleasant time with decent cocktails and the waitress quite pleasant (though she got some of our orders mixed up...). Then the starters came and tasted like rotten in such an evident manner that we had to send them back and told the waitress about it. We were answered that we had no clue of what "sesame and wakame taste like"... Then the penne with gambas came and the penne (a gigantic portion) tasted again rotten (though not the gambas). The fish of the day was so overcooked that it was hard as a log.The only right dishes were the pizzas....At the end when I came to pay, all the dishes we had sent back were not on the bill, but they refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing or problem in the kitchen and were quite rude dismissing our polite suggestions to fix what seems to be a sanitary problem.

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Just 400 meters of the beach this is the right place to be after a sunny day. The service is amazing; even when fully booked (which is actually always the case) you never wait long for drinks and/or food. Pizzas are simple and tasty and the menu offers a nice variety. Pretty relaxed and cozy atmosphere.