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La Flibuste avec les horaires d'ouverture. Quand le La Flibuste est-il ouvert ? Vous pouvez voir ici si le restaurant est ouvert maintenant.

Ouvert aujourd'hui ? Vérifie les heures d'ouverture de La Flibuste, quand le Taverne ouvre ou ferme. Ou vérifie les Taverne à proximité qui sont encore ouverts. Note aussi les éventuels changements d'heures d'ouverture dus à la pandémie. Ceux-ci peuvent ne pas être à jour sur d'autres sites Web, il est donc recommandé d'appeler le restaurant peu avant si nécessaire pour savoir s'il est déjà ouvert. Le numéro de téléphone où tu peux demander les heures d'ouverture se trouve ici !.

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  • Address: Fécamp, Boulevard Albert 1er, Fecamp, France
  • Phone: +33235292325 +33235272265


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We were looking for pasta menu in Fecamp cause my friend was craving for those. It seemed like Le Flibuste was the only restaurant we found serving pasta so we ended up there. They have a really nice terrasse in front of the beach and waiters are really really nice. They brung us peanut with our drinks to wait for our dishes and that's really nice but we had to wait 1 hour to see our plates coming !! We asked a waiter to check if it was normal of if they'd forgotten us and the guy never came back. We arrived quite early (just before 12) so it wasn't crowded at all ! We had no explanation so I don't know what happened. The terrasse was completely full and everyone else was served desert when our plates arrived. The other waiter was caring though so it made the balance. I had the veggie burger which was nice and the fries were delicious too. In the end they did not even offered us our drinks for the looong wait... nor even a discount. But I still recommend the place cause it was good.

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Despite the average reviews, my husband and I decided to have dinner there. What a disappointment! The appetizers were more than expensive for what it was and honestly lacking taste (old smoked salmon and a tiny fried cheese without actual cheese). The mussels and fries were okay... We also waited a long time to be served even though the waiter was nice.