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Mozz'Art Pizza avec les horaires d'ouverture. Quand le Mozz'Art Pizza est-il ouvert ? Vous pouvez voir ici si le restaurant est ouvert maintenant.

Quelles sont les heures d'ouverture de Mozz'Art Pizza? Quand est-ce que Mozz'Art Pizza est ouvert ? Tu trouveras ici les réponses à tes questions. Les heures d'ouverture de ce Emplacement ont été vérifiées par plusieurs sources. Tu peux donc être sûr de ne pas arriver aux portes fermées. Les heures d'ouverture actuelles peuvent varier en raison de la pandémie.

Il suffit d'appeler le restaurant sur (+33)232070000 pour demander les horaires d'ouverture ou les jours fériés fermés. Réserve aussi une table pour toi.

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  • Address: 16 Place du grand Carrefour, 27000 Evreux, France, Évreux
  • Phone: +33232070000


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I found this place & decided to walk there from my hotel ~15 minute walk. The ladies that greeted me were friendly. I orders my pizza & took a seat at a table for 4. They brought my pizza in a box, which was fine because I wasn't sure I was going to stay or walk back to my hotel with it. Since I was hungry and tired, I decided I'd have a few slices there. I began eating & was soon prompted to sit at a table of 2 versus where I was already settled into. Now, I did think about this before I sat down but a few things were factored into my decision to sit where I sat; 1) I was the only person in there. Had there been others, I wouldn't have taken a bigger table. 2) I had been couped up all day long because of work and it raining outside. I wanted to sit closest to the door with fresh air. I would have sat outside but everything was wet from the rain. While I was there, two people came in & got pizza & left and the only one other couple came in. By no means we're people on a waiting list to sit down.So I decided I would then leave & walk back to my hotel & eat freely. I was then cutting the pizza into slices since that was not done & they again were asking me to move. I finished cutting my pizza & left. The pizza was delicious so I would recommend going. If you do go, choose your table wisely! I get it but seriously, it seemed a little more dramatic than it needed to be.

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Found Mozz'Art Pizza on Trip advisor. Was about 5 mins from city centre Ibis. Was a Saturday night at 7pm and the 5 of us just walked in and got a table. It is a small place with about 10 tables. Owner was very friendly and welcoming and spoke good English. We ordered 3 pizzas between 5 and found we had enough - with more hungry males you might want to order more. Pizza was excellent quality and was worth spending more on the more premium ones. Restaurant also stocked local Normandy bottled beer which was also excellent and just what this weary traveller needed!