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Au Croissant Dore avec les horaires d'ouverture. Quand le Au Croissant Dore est-il ouvert ? Vous pouvez voir ici si le restaurant est ouvert maintenant.

Ouvert aujourd'hui ? Vérifie les heures d'ouverture de Au Croissant Dore, quand le Restaurant ouvre ou ferme. Ou vérifie les Restaurant à proximité qui sont encore ouverts. Note aussi les éventuels changements d'heures d'ouverture dus à la pandémie. Ceux-ci peuvent ne pas être à jour sur d'autres sites Web, il est donc recommandé d'appeler le restaurant peu avant si nécessaire pour savoir quand il est ouvert. Le numéro de téléphone où tu peux demander les heures d'ouverture se trouve ici !.

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  • Address: Colmar, 28 rue des Marchands, 68000, Colmar, France
  • Phone: +33389237081


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We had several breakfasts in this lovely café on our holiday and besides the delicious cakes and excellent coffee I would like to mention the owner who happens to be a sweet lady with gentle and kind manners one might think to be forgotten. The place really has a unique and warm atmosphere. Go and see for yourselves.

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We enjoyed the food here, the coffee was excellent, and the prices were reasonable. The decor is quaint and cosy. After a delicious breakfast we even came back later in the day for pastries and more coffee. The old lady who works there was lovely, warm and welcoming. The one flaw we noticed was - the old lady seemed to be single handedly doing all of the work, despite the fact there were two young men working there! While they made the occasional coffee, she appeared to be the one cooking, cleaning tables, rushing about and dealing with customers payments. We even saw her carrying the bins out herself! Pull your weight, lads - at the very least take out the bins!All in all we enjoyed our visit and were very impressed by the put-upon old lady who remained consistently charming as she rushed busily about.